Tech job applications often want links to blogs, and portfolios. The only time I was ever any good at blogging was back in the days when I used livejournal, and forced myself. Writing is a lot easier for me than it used to be, but not when it’s a job application. I worry so much about it being right that it’s crippling. I’m not good with rejection.

For years I managed to avoid it. The last two jobs came simply from networking. There was only a four hour gap between the two, and I had hoped that it would stay that easy, but it hasn’t and I have to put some direct effort into finding work rather than it magically finding me. Really I put hundreds of hours into networking every year so it wasn’t that magical. It seemed magic when it worked though.

I think I have a lot to talk about right now. Maybe I’ll actually keep up with the blog this time. Hard to say.