As is common for technical projects I abandoned one solution because it was frustrating to use, and found something else that is new, and shiny, but ends up being more work to setup. I’m using ikiwiki for this blog. It has the misfortune of having one of the most awful default themes I’ve seen in years. I started trying to customize it, but I’m not a designer so I probably just made it look worse. The purple is from a picture of a sunset, and the green is from avocado. If you see this later it might not have these colors any more because I’ll probably change it soon. I picked it because it appeals to my sysadmin tendency to pick whatever creates the least system load. It can theoretically handle slashdot linking to it even with my mediocre hosting resources. I want to write about the tech stuff I’m working on, and have the time to work on it not futz with the website. If people use RSS to read this will they even see the crappy theme?