(19:52:07) friend: Dude, here's a sucky day
(19:52:17) friend: Lose the keys to the building
(19:52:38) friend: The mail server in the distant Colo goes doen
(19:52:47) friend: And your laptop catc0hes
(19:52:50) friend: Fire
(19:52:58) friend: All before 10am
(19:53:00) me: WTF!
(19:54:26) me: This all happened to you?
(19:54:44) friend: Yes
(19:55:08) friend: The company car was gone, so I had to take the old manual pickup
(19:55:24) friend: It had a flat tire and any empty gas tank
(19:55:49) me: Where were you driving this vehicle?
(19:56:11) friend: I didn't get a meal all day
(19:56:23) friend: Life sucks hard today
(19:56:29) friend: <sad>
(19:56:32) friend: To the Colo
(19:56:34) friend: To fix the server
(19:56:36) friend: The newest server
(19:56:46) friend: With TWO failed PSUs
(19:56:53) friend: BOTH failed
(19:57:40) me: Shit man
(19:58:27) friend: Yeah
(19:58:29) friend: It was just my turn